Phoenix Lands in the World (2024) Episode 14 English Subbed

Phoenix Lands in the World (2024)

Meng Xiaotang (played by Ke Ying), a popular online meme author, met a romantic partner and asked her to find her original intention of writing martial arts novels with money, and revised the story about the villain heroine who cuts off love only for the superior dog. The blood novel "The Story of Nan Xi".

Meng Xiaotang randomly changed the plot for money, which angered the online literary system. He was accidentally sent to a martial arts world where the plot was completely changed, and became the villain Feng Nanxi who was hunted by the whole world.

While fleeing for her life, Feng Nanxi encounters the handsome flower-picking thief Shen Yu (played by Deng Chaoyuan), and finds that she is inexplicably bound to him. If Feng Nanxi wanted to use the cloud-absorbing method, she could only rely on Shen Yu.

Feng Nanxi is determined to find her original male protagonist Ye Wuchen and complete the task of "restoring the plot" assigned by the system - to make Ye Wuchen fall in love with her and then kill him before the day of the righteous encirclement and suppression on August 15th.

However, there are dangers inside and outside the church, so she has to firmly hold on to Shen Yu's "talisman". What Feng Nanxi didn't know was that Shen Yu's true identity was the Ye Wuchen she was looking for.

At the same time, Ye Wuchen transformed into Shen Yu and approached Feng Nanxi just to trap her and take away the secret book of the cloud-absorbing magic skill. A battle between justice and villain, survival and death, fake drama and true love, unfolds in the treacherous clouds...

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Episodes: 24

Aired On: Tuesday

Ratings: 7.8

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